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Coca-Cola T-Shirts


Adult Sizes: M, L, XL - $12.50 Each (plus S/H)

Styles with Coke Bear:

BB304--"Always Cool" Skiing (navy)
BB305--Bear with Shades (navy)
BB306--Star Gazing (2-sided design/navy) -
BB306 available in XXL --$14.50
BB307--Bear with Scarf (navy)
BB308--Bear Couple (navy)
BB312--Surfing Bear (navy)
BB313--Golfing Bear (navy)
BB314--Baseball Bear (navy)
BB315--Underwear Bear (white)
BB316--Volleyball Bear (navy)
BB317--Lifeguard Bear (navy)
BB318--Swimming Bear (navy)
BB325--Basketball Bear (navy)
BB331--Bear Laying on Logo (navy)
BB333--Football Bear (navy)
BB334--Bear Family (sea foam green)
BB335--Ice Skating Bears (2-sided design/navy)
BB336--Ski Jump (2-sided design/navy)
BB337--Soda Fountain Bears (ivory)
BB338--Bear Holding Six Pack(navy)
BB339--Cowboy (Western) Bear (navy)
BB340--Bowling Bear (2-sided design/navy)
BB341--Fireman Bear (2-sided design/navy)
BB342--Hanging Around (2-sided design/white)

Styles without Coke Bear:

BB300--CocaCola Wraparound (2-sided/black)
BB302--Sweating Can (2-sided design/red)
BB303--"Always Jammin" Can w/Tennis Shoes (white)
BB310--Slow Down & Chill (white)
BB319--Multi-colored Always Logo (white)
BB320--"Red Hot" Sun (white)
BB322--"Always Phat" Can w/Boots (white)
BB324--"Always Rugged" Can w/Boots (white)
BB329--Warhol Coke (white)

Buyer pays shipping/handling


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