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Miniature Bottles


Brand New!

...4 Pepsi bottles...

Buy them individually or as a set.  Probably the best quality miniature Pepsi bottles we have sold.

Price: $3.50 per bottle
Set of 4: $14.00

bb1a.jpg (55296 bytes)


Dr Pepper 6pk and Bottle

Two miniature Dr Pepper items. First, a glass bottle filled with colored water with the Dr Pepper logo on the top and bottom on both sides of the bottle. Approx size is 3 inches high and 3/4 inches at the base. Second, a Dr Pepper 6 pack in cardboard carton with six removeable platstic bottles that have a raised Dr Pepper logo on each bottle. Approx size 1 3/4 inches high by 1 3/8 inches long by 1 inch wide. EXCELLENT addition to any miniature or Dr Pepper collection! NOTE: The 6 pack is no longer being made.
Bottle: $3.50
6 Pack: $8.00


Two miniature glass Pepsi bottles filled with colored water. Approx size is 3 inches high and 3/4 inches at the base. The picture shows 4 bottles in order to show the front and back logos of each bottle--only 2 bottles (1 of each design) is included in this auction. NOTE: the red, white, and blue logo is no longer being made. EXCELLENT addition to any miniature or Pepsi collection!
Left 2 bottles: $7.50
Right 2 bottles: $3.50

Pepsi Bottles


3 Bottles

Mini 7Up, Orange Crush, Perrier Bottles
New miniature glass bottles of 7 UP, Orange Crush, and Perrier Sparkling Mineral Water (all filled with colored water.) Approx size is 3 inches high and 3/4 inches at the base.

Price: $3.50 per bottle

Also available...RC, Frostie Root Beer, Corona Light, Miller Draft, Miller High Life.


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