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- Metal   Plastic   Ceramic   Wood -

 smokey the bear  hershey kisses  texaco star  ritz crackers

Metal Magnets: $4.50 each
Air Force Honor/Korea Magnet
Air Force Pride/Viet Nam Magnet
Air Force Stealth/Desert Storm Magnet
Always Coca-Cola Metal  Magnet
American Airlines Magnet
American Airlines Metal  Magnet #2

AT&T Long Distnace Magnet
Barnum's Animal Cookie Magnet
Buick Authorized Service  Magnet

Butterfly Brand Stringbeans Metal   Magnet
B&O Railroad Metal  Magnet
Campbell's Kid Soup Metal  Magnet
Campbell's Soup Magnet-Flag Design
Chevrolet Corvette Metal  Magnet
Chevrolet Super Service Magnet
Chiefs / Santa Fe Metal  Magnet
Chryster Plymouth Parts Access. Magnet

All metal Coke magnets are retired as of 12/31/99--never to be made again!!!
Coke Airport Fountain  Magnet
Coke Aviator (Female) Magnet
Coke Aviator (Man) Magnet
Coke Bottle Magnet
Coke Friendliest Drink On Earth Magnet
Coke Sold Everywhere Magnet
Coke Take Home A Carton Magnet
Coke Your Thirst Takes Wing (red plane) Magnet
Coke Your Thirst Takes Wing (yellow plane) Magnet
Coke "Bullet" or Always Coke Logo Magnet

Columbia Records Magnet
Corona Extra Magnet
Cracker Jacks Magnet

Don't Even Think Of Smoking
Dixie Magnet

Drink Coca-Cola Magnet
Drink Pepsi Cola Magnet
Drink Squirt Magnet
Flying A Gasoline Magnet
Ford Mustang Magnet

Frog In Your Throat Magnet

Genuine Antique Cowboy Magnet
Genuine Antique Golfer Magnet
Genuine Antique Person Magnet
Golden Pumpkin Metal  Magnet
Great Northern Railway Magnet
Gulf Oil Magnet
Heinz Ketshup Magnet
Hershey's Chocolate Bar Magnet
Hershey's Kisses Metal  Magnet
Ice Cold Coke Bottle Magnet
Ice Cold Coke Sold Here Magnet
Ivory Soap Magnet
John Deere Magnets--4 Assorted
Keep 'em Flying--Bonds Will Buy Bombs Magnet
Last Chance Garage Magnet
Lee Rider Western Wear Magnet
Lifesaver Candy Metal  Magnet
Luzianne Coffee Magnet
McDonald's  Magnet
Miller High Life  Magnet
Mobil Gas Metal  Magnet
Morton Salt (1914) Metal Magnet
Morton Salt (1921) Metal Magnet
Morton Salt (1956) Metal Magnet
Morton Salt (1968) Metal  Magnet
Oreo Cookies Metal  Magnet
Pepsi Magnet--Always Hits the Spot
Pepsi Magnet--Pepsi Cola 5 cents
Pepsi Magnet--Take Home a Carton
Pepsi Magnet--Tempty...Tasty
Pepsi Magnet--Worth a Dime-Costs a Nickel
Pepsi Round Logo Magnet
Popsicle Boy Magnet
Popsicle Logo Magnet
Public Telephone Bell System
Ritz Crackers Magnet
Rosie Rivetor--We Can Do It! Magnet
Route 66  Magnet
Royal Baking Powder Magnet
Sante Fe Railroad Magnet
Shaker Brand Apple Sauce Metal   Magnet
Shredded Wheat  Magnet
Sinclair Aircraft Metal Magnet
Smokey the Bear Metal  Magnet
Southern Pacific Railroad Magnet
Sunbeam Bread Magnet
Texaco Current Logo Magnet
Texaco Fire Chief Metal  Magnet
Texaco New Logo-Metal Magnet
Texaco Old Logo-Metal  Magnet
Texaco Star Metal  Magnet
Tulip Brand Pears Metal  Magnet
Union Pacific Railroad Metal   Magnet
Victrola--Victor/His Masters Voice Magnet
Warning--Fishing Pox
Woodstock Music and Art Fair / Friday Aug 15, 1969

Woodstock Music and Art Fair / Saturday Aug 16, 1969

Woodstock Music and Art Fair / Sunday Aug 17, 1969


Coke Acrylic  Magnet /Bottle Opener (contact us for prices)
Coke & Diet Coke Santa Magnets--2 piece
  (contact us for prices)
Coke Vending Machine & 6 Pack Magnets  $4.50 each
Pepsi Bottle Magnet
(contact us for prices)
Pepsi Case/13 Magnets
(contact us for prices)

Noah's Ark Magnet  $3.00 each

Wood: $6.00 each   
All wood Coke magnets are retired--never to be made again!!!

3-D Ice Cold Coke Wooden  Magnet
3-D Coke Hockey Wooden  Magnet
3-D Coke Skating Wooden  Magnet
3-D Coke Bob Sledding Wooden   Magnet
3-D Coke Bear Always Cool Wooden  Magnet
3-D Coke Bear Wooden  Magnet
3D Coke 6 Pack Wooden Magnet
3D Coke Stargazing Bear Wooden Magnet
3-D Coke Truck Wooden  Magnet


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